The evolution of LIDA

The first pillar is the results and experiences from three previous EU projects: LIBE, ADVENUS and ReGap.

The LIBE project, “Supporting Lifelong Learning with Inquiry Based Education”, aims to offer young adults with low levels of education, a set of personalised e-learning courses on basic skills and transversal competences.

The results included a pedagogical and assessment framework, materialised in six online LIBE courses, each available in four languages. Read more about the LIBE approach in the


In the follow-up
ADVENUS project (Erasmus+), we explored cultural sensitivity and language issues in e-learning resources, and redesigned e-learning courses to the needs of adult refugees.

The ReGap project

«Reducing the Educational Gap», is an Erasmus+ project aiming at migrants and refugees. Based on focus groups and trialling, we developed a pedagogical template with a focus on social inclusion and digital storytelling. Further, we created a set of highly relevant courses for newly arrived immigrants, available both as online courses and as “face to face” activities.

While the first pillar was these previous projects,
the second pillar is the recommendations from the international conference ICDE Lillehammer Lifelong Learning Summit: Road Map for Lifelong Employability

Based on this legacy, LIDA will continue the important work with inclusive learning communities and towards strengthening citizenship at three different levels: 1) Transnational, 2) sector/industry in the partner countries and 3) individually (teachers and students). The most important tools will be to create meeting places, carry out learning activities, use the potential of digital stories and conduct research and dissemination work. LIDA also aims to promote and highlight good initiatives, best practices, learning resources and R&D results.