A key activity in the LIDA project is digital storytelling

Storytelling is used in the LIDA project of many reasons. It’s a tool for sharing important and personal stories, for empowerment and inclusion, for mutual education and for improving digital skills.

"Stories are a universal currency, a universal way of telling a truth, there are so much more than statistics or graphs or charts, they take us to the very essence of that person’s being, their motivation and their needs."

Tony Sumner,

LIDA project partner and Co-Founder of Pilgrim Projects Ltd.

LIDA project partners Pip Hardy and Tony Sumner give words to the power of both creating stories and sharing stories in this short video:

"… One of the things that we have learned is that people are far more similar than they are different. The things that really matters to people are family, good health, a safe place to live, a sense of community and a sense of belonging."

Pip Hardy,

LIDA project partner and Co-Founder of Pilgrim Projects Ltd.


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