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Learning Inclusion in a Digital Age


Stories from all over the world connecting people

Dr Pip Hardy and Tony Sumner, Pilgrim Projects, and LIDA Erasmus+ project partner

The co-founders of Pilgrim Projects Ltd., UK, have facilitated digital storytelling workshops the last two decades and worked with people all over the world. In this video, they share some of their experiences with digital storytelling. In particular, they emphasise the power of both creating stories and sharing stories.

Elsa Teixeira, Ph.d., University of Porto, and LIDA project member

In this video, Elsa Teixeira tells about how they ran and evaluated workshops with 32 young people in the Erasmus+ project Mind the Gaps, which was coordinated Angélica Monteiro and Carlinda Leite.

Burcu Simsek, Ph.D., LIDA Advisory Board Member

Burcu Simsek has been facilitated digital storytelling workshops since 2009, and in particular with migrant women. In the video, she shares research and knowledge from two projects: A cookbook initiative where migrant women shared their stories (and recipes) while they were actually cooking and a project with refugees, migrants and people who are displaced in Marocco called Stories without visa.

Laura M Smith, Durham University & LIDA Erasmus+ Advisory Board Member

In this video, Laura M Smith shares experiences with using digital storytelling to have their students reflect upon who they are as learners.